Welcome to the Journal of Dialektika: Journal of Social Sciences.


We proudly present the Journal of Dialectics: Social Sciences as a platform for readers seeking a profound understanding of social dynamics. It is with great pride that we offer high-quality articles that delve into various aspects of national social phenomena as well as global issues.

With a meticulous scientific approach, each edition of this journal encompasses multidisciplinary studies in Social Sciences, Politics, and Public Administration. We invite you to explore the latest research addressing contemporary challenges, social changes, and various multidisciplinary social issues.

This journal publishes both theoretical and empirical research articles with the aim of promoting and disseminating an academic atmosphere in this field. Our publications include research articles, research notes, conference announcements, workshops, seminars, and book reviews. Join us on a journey of knowledge with the Journal of Dialectics! For further information, please contact [CP: 62+ 856-2476-9522]. Thank you for your attention.

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Vol. 22 No. 1 (2024): Jurnal Dialektika: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial
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Published: 14-04-2024


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Jurnal DIALEKTIKA: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial is open access and peer-reviewed Journal, Jurnal DIALEKTIKA is a scientific journal that contains the results of theoretical research and studies on Social Sciences and Related Dicipline. Managed by Pengurus Pusat Perkumpulan Ilmuwan Administrasi Negara Indonesia (PIANI) in Collaboration with Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University, Bandung

Jurnal DIALEKTIKA : Jurnal Ilmu Sosial Call for Papers 2023

We invite you to submit your paper to Jurnal DIALEKTIKA : Jurnal Ilmu Sosial, Papers submission deadlines:

  • Vol 21 No. 1 2023, submission deadline: 21 Maret 2023
  • Vol 21 No. 2 2023, submission deadline: 21 Juli 2023
  • Vol 21 No. 3 2023, submission deadline: 21 November 2023

Submit your manuscripts today! (in English or Bahasa) through our online system. The authors should refer to the Jurnal DIALEKTIKA: Jurnal Ilmu Sosial Author Guidelines in writing the manuscript.


The authors are also encouraged to use Mendeley Citation Manager or Zotero in writing the manuscript. Submitted papers are evaluated by anonymous referees for contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. The Editor shall inform you of the results of the review as soon as possible, hopefully in 1 weeks.